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Mitch Haniger 2017 Outlook

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8 minutes ago, IlliniGuy76 said:

I've held onto this guy in two leagues since he went down - taking up a bench spot due to limited DL spots for a good chunk of time. 


your bench must be incredibly hot by now


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Some of my starters have been really struggling and I have been looking for a little bit of bench heat.... I heard about this guy is he any good? The problem is I hear he is only useful in the absolute deepest of AL West 20 team leagues. Any chance he could be serviceable in a mixed league? Let's go Bench Heat 

welcome back!

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13 minutes ago, Yceman1234 said:

Alright, been sitting on this for weeks.  I've waited long enough..................3.......................2.............................1................let's heat up!



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Just now, BMcP said:

Doesn't he have a walk?

I see that now..my bad


BENCH HEAT!!!!!! BB!!!!!!

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15 hours ago, Stutin said:

Worth the wait so far lol. No one in Sea could hit today, but still have full faith in BH

First game back, so I'm not worried.  He was raking in the 2-hole before he got hurt and first game back he's right back there and starting in RF.  May take a few games to get into the groove again, but he's going to be a welcomed addition to this offense.

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