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AJ Pollock 2017 season outlook

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2 hours ago, PhilsPhan90 said:

Still on track for next week?

ESPN note:

Pollock (groin) has recently advanced from running on an anti-gravity treadmill to running outside, Steve Gilbert of MLB.com reports. "I'm doing just about everything," Pollock said Monday. "I think the running part I need to get ramped up to game speed, but everything else is game speed right now. I think I just have to get the intensity of my sprints higher and I'll be ready to go. Once I get the running where I need to get it I'll be ready to play."

Since Pollock landed on the disabled list May 15 with a Grade 1 right groin strain, the Diamondbacks have been exercising extra care with the outfielder in order to ensure he's 100 percent healthy before being activated. The club doesn't have an official timetable for Pollock's return from the DL and continues to take a day-to-day approach with his workout regimen, but it at least sounds like he's making progress. Until he experiences a significant setback in his recovery, Pollock remains worth stashing in every format.


so maybe?... Sounds like everything is going well

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update on his injury.. hopefully we get him back soon

Sat, Jun 10

A.J. Pollock (groin) ran at close to 100 percent on Saturday.


Advice: That's obviously a step in the right direction, though there's still no timetable for when he might be back. Arizona's stacked lineup will be even more potent whenever Pollock returns to the leadoff spot.

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One of the D-back beat writers speculating he might be back at the end of the road trip...which ends next week in COL. Maybe a week and a half away?

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1 hour ago, Piotr said:

Damn. He couldn't even make it back to the majors before suffering another injury. 


Not surprising. Pollock is the kind of person who gets full medical clearance from a doctor, and then, upon leaving his office, gets knocked over by a gust of wind and shatters his pelvis. (There's a 50% chance that exact injury happens in the next 3 years.)


As frustrating as this is, as owners we're really not in a position to complain since we all assumed this risk at his ADP. The upside of Pollock is late first round, especially with the Dbacks current roster.


Once we hear back on the severity of this setback, just make sure to double whatever the expected recovery time is for a normal person. Pollock is particularly fragile and the Dbacks are going to be super conservative. 

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Say what you want, but there is some serious issues on how these professional baseball players train. All the oblique injuries from everything else says so. Too much training, not properly stretching before and after exercise etc....You think because they are professional athletes making millions of dollars they know how to do so many things right, and it is obvious there are issues here...I know this isn't tag football, or backyard baseball games being played, and I'm not saying being a professional baseball player is easy by no means..., but damn!

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6 hours ago, DJSatane said:

Wow, maybe he should look into another profession.


but what could he do where he wouldn't be at risk for injury?


whatever he decides to do when he gets on with his life's work he should ensure that he can work his chosen profession while encased in bubble wrap in a sterile environment




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