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Bryce Harper 2017 Outlook

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Just now, mikejohn said:

i pray that this is just a hyper extension, missing 1 week


He'd still miss more time than that IMO. That was a pretty violent hyperextension. If he avoided any significant ligament damage, we're still likely talking about a multiple week absence.

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Hey everyone. Make sure to take Bench Coach questions to the bench coach area (what do I do, who do I drop etc...) and take the vents to the vent area. If you own him I understand a little venting in here so I'm not going to be crazy about hiding stuff, but if it becomes 5 pages of darn it all, then... well you know the drill. 

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45 minutes ago, mikejohn said:

ok if you own bryce and you want to win your league.. WTF do you do? thinking about trading the rest of my hitting and loading up on all pitchers for playoffs 

Pick up Ronald Acuna and pray for a miracle.  

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3 minutes ago, Bravesfan155 said:

I'm not a doctor - but that doesn't look all that bad to me. He'll miss time for sure - but it doesn't look like anything long term. Trainer probably told him not to put any weight on it.


You're joking right?

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1 hour ago, davidlight said:

Could be hyperextension which isnt that bad. I've had it and it feels terrible at the time, but then it gets better. It's wishful thinking but its possible.


I had a pretty bad hyperextension in high school, and it took a few weeks before I could walk without a limp and several more weeks before I had no more pain. I didn't have MLB resources, but a bad hypext is tough to overcome. 

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4 hours ago, Fuzzy_Slippers said:

He most likely would not be walking on it if there were any tears in his knee.

 Jordy Nelson says hi. He jogged off the field without assistance after he tore his ACL.

Edited by Carlos Correa
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