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Kris Bryant 2017 Outlook

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15 minutes ago, VitorSH said:



With Chase Headley on the waiver wire, it was a no-brainer.


Quality move sir.  Obviously KB has a World Series hang over and can no longer handle MLB pitching.  Plus he's probably filled with regret every day he has to wake up to his wife who is about a 7.5 maybe an 8 on a good day when he's KB he should have a different 10 knock out dime piece in his bed every morning.  Hitting HRs in the bed room helps hit HRs on the field #provenfact.


The rest of you should follow suit before it's too late, especially if you're in my leagues because I'm only gaining ground by rostering players who continue to gain more and more confidence by sleeping with 10's day in and day out.

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25 minutes ago, soisoisoi said:

rather have aguilar batting .700+


lock up that batting title... The only thing I see in the way of that batting title is will he qualify for enough ABs?  If he does tho make room Ted Williams. 

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3 minutes ago, War10667 said:

Over or under 1 home run rest of season for this guy? 


Under, for sure.


He and Syndergaard are quitting baseball and headed to Hollywood:  Beefcake & Thor: A Buddy Comedy.


What do you get when a washed up, handsome, blue-eyed former baseball player (Bryant) and the Norse God of Thunder (Syndergaard) move into a 250 square foot SoHo apartment together? HILARITY!  Also starring Ray Knight (Larry), Mookie Wilson (Brother Daryl), Lenny Dykstra (Other Brother Daryl), and John Malkovich (as himself).


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He hasn't faced Reds yet.  Check his numbers vs that garbage staff.  Last year he made a living off them.  He didn't have a single HR off any other team but Reds last year in April.  He had 10 HR's alone vs Reds pitching last year.  Don't worry he gets Reds next weekend.  

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1 minute ago, mjk356 said:

Haha gotta love the panic 12 games in or whatever.  Dude will have an OPS over .900 in June probably and this thread will be silent.


That's cool, but how does that help 5x5 H2H owners right now?

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