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Lance Lynn 2017 Outlook

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13 hours ago, frankhoward said:


A real (old or young) man would ask the trainer for a bunch of shots and get out there and pitch.The long term health of 1 man(or country,nay- continent) pales in comparison to the needs of my team in 2017.

Calm down, it was a spring training start lmao


though I suppose that makes your sarcasm (I assume) even better.


think Lynn is fine.

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Lynn has pitched four full seasons, which have been super consistent

He averages about 15 wins, 8.5 k/9, and his ERA and FIP are consistently between 3 and 3.5.


That WHIP though... only under 1.300 in one of those four seasons... that's like Pineda/Fiers/Rodon level


I have to cut one player before opening day (had an extra draft pick) and between Lynn's 88mph velocity last time out, the rib thing, and this unflattering WHIP... I'm thinking he might be the odd man out.


What kind of expectations do you folks have for him this season? I know there is SP3 upside... sort Quintana-lite... but what is the most realistic scenario? Is it silly to cut bait?  

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There's a fair chance he won't be pitching tomorrow. Forecast in St. Louis calls for rain to begin tonight and continue throughout Wednesday. The teams have a mutual day off Thursday though.

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3 minutes ago, Resident A-hole said:

I need to see another start before pulling the trigger.


He's a 2-starter next week, so barring an implosion tonight, he'll start for me then.

Wash had like 19 hits last night. I think I'll bench. Though game is on espn tonite might get greedy.

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He had no business coming back out for the 5th and the result was predictable. 


Really didn't like anything I saw out of him tonight. I probably won't hold. 

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He looked decent, did a good job of pitching around harper.  The first two hr's were wall scrapers and neither of his OF'ers even attempted to rob them.  The one to Murhpy was just BP right down the pipe.  Definitely needs to make a couple adjustments to be able to get deeper into games. 

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He walked Gio Gonzalez on 4 pitches at one point. Just didn't seem to know where the ball was going a lot, shook his elbow out a lot (which the ESPN broadcast picked up on) and just generally didn't look very good, IMO. 

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