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One Of A Kind Keeper League - One Team Left

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You manage the same franchise year after year. Keeping 12 franchise players and drafting from a pool of non keepers and players without a franchise.

  • Made up of 10 teams, GM’s choose a mlb home team, which will remain their home team for the duration of the league.
  • Each team has to have 12 players from their home team (this is reduced to 10 in may) throughout the season and playoffs.
  • The draft then consists from the balance of the players that are left, including from teams in league. Once draft starts all players are up for grabs.
  • Daily league with weekly head to head match-ups
  • Nice scoring setup.
  • Non money league
  • Already have committed GM's, all very active and friendly. League in it's second year. 
  • Mix of UK and US managers.
  • One team left! Teams taken are Red Sox, Mets, Cubs, Pirates, Dodgers, Braves, Astros, Giants and Jays. 

Please email Rob at bambibarker@gmail.com

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Emailed you. What site is this on? Points or cats? Link to league for scoring settings?


Also, you are in second year. So, if I choose a franchise, do I get back my players from existing teams? Or am I taking over an existing team? See what I mean? I could choose a franchise based on who I know to be on that MLB team and then find out that the 20 best players are already taken.  I would think that would be the case most of the time. 




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