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Fantasy Team Name Thread 2017

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A mod here has one named "Grab Hernan by the Posey"

Russian Imperial Trout

Theo & Jed's Excellent Adventure  

Posted Images

House of Dahls (Dahl)

Gurriels Gone Wild (Yuli, Lourdes)

Dahl House Massacre (Dahl)

Blackmon Stole My TV (Blackmon)

Goin full Rickard (Joey Rickard, Ryan Goins)

Scherzer's Brown Eye (Scherzer)

Huston Street Walkers (Street + Taijuan Walker)


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For years I've simply been Blue Herons. I live on a river and think they are cool. 


     Primary logo






              Away cap


         Red Alternate



although last year, on day's that Yu Darvish pitched, I changed my name to:

Reed Yu a Familia Story 

(AJ Reed/Darvish/Juerys/Trevor)

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This was a line I heard in a similar football thread years ago, so I'll apply it to baseball...


A guy named his team "Off in the Clubhouse"... you could also go with "Off at Home Plate" or "Off in the Bullpen", etc.


That way when someone wants to boast they defeated you in a H2H matchup, they may exclaim "I beat...." and well, fill in the team name and you have the rest of the story.

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