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Working out four days a week is still pretty decent. And 190 is too skinny for 6'7, so putting on some weight might not be bad.

I'll reserve judgment until seeing a photo. If all 40 additional pounds are in the form of a beer gut, then I'll be concerned.

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we can't say there weren't signs.....  

This is irrelevant to Forrest Whitley but Fangraphs updates their FV at the beginning of the year and doesn't update them until the following year. If you want to get an idea of what the Fangraphs pro

Wildly rooting for the failure of a guy trying to make his dream come true and be a successful MLB pitcher, just to dig at the “industry experts.” Weird flex, but ok.

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Here we go again:


Astros' manager Dusty Baker said Saturday that top prospect Forrest Whitley felt arm discomfort while throwing during Summer Camp and again while throwing at the club's alternate training site.

While there's no word on his immediate future yet -- it's starting to look unlikely that he's going to be able to contribute much to the Astros' this season. Those in redraft leagues that are holding out hope, may want to find a way to better utilize that roster spot over the next several weeks.

Source: Brian McTaggart on Twitter                 Aug 1, 2020, 4:40 PM ET


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