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Touki Toussaint -- SP ATL


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Old gif, but the movement on this curve is remarkable.



Took a step forward across the board in 2016, exhibiting better strikeout numbers, better control, and better production while tossing a career high 132.1 innings.


I think he may be ready to make a big jump in 2017, and Arizona will regret selling him for cash.

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23 minutes ago, brockpapersizer said:

Pitch looks nasty.

He pairs it with a fastball that's anywhere from low 90s to high 90s. Prob settles down in the mid-90s...I hope.


From bp top 10:


The Good: Toussaint’s combination of stuff and athleticism makes you want to cry tears of joy. He has a plus fastball and double-plus-potential curveball and enough feel to project an above-average changeup. His fastball sits low-90s but can bump 97 and hit 95 when he wants, while his curveball is a 12-6 hammer that can make a heart race. Toussaint is an elite athlete, with plus arm speed, and a great teammate.

The Bad: Command remains well behind the stuff, so much so that it’s uncertain whether he sticks in a rotation despite the three-pitch mix. He made strides to improve his delivery’s timing and sync his halves better, but he needs to maintain it over a full season

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I've been a big Touki fan all along.  He's a top tier athlete and the stuff is as good as any in the minors.  Some have backed off recently, but I think he's still a top 100 guy with the potential to move up quickly if he can get his production to match the stuff. 


Atlanta has a bunch of options.  I would think that some of these guys will turn into trade bait.  Touki could be a very dynamic reliever but I think that's just a waste of value.

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