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Todd Gurley 2017 Season Outlook

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17 minutes ago, Tenner said:

What we knew going in to this season.


Pros: 1) Ton of volume 2) Goal line work 3) New offensive minded coach 4) New cast of skill players catching passes 5) Showed high end talent before in the NFL


Cons 1) Poor YPC in 2016


Hes basically Melvin Gordon.


i don't know what to think of gurley anymore. We write him off and he has a game like this.


All I know is he's a top-10 lock it seems.

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Thumbs down    Mods, can we get unlike buttons yet? 

Thats pretty much what I figured. That they had some vendetta or score to settle. I'm all for players having critics and naysayers because that's what creates discussion around here. But if you're gon

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4 minutes ago, EaglesRocker97 said:

Gurley is arguably the best RB in fantasy early on, and really only one of two of the top 5 RBs drafted that hasn't underperformed so far. It's not just heavy usage; he's running decisively and getting extra yards.  Glad this guy fell to me after going WR-WR, he could be my keystone.


Kareem Hunt begs to differ.

Gurley is arguably the second best fantasy rb through first 2 weeks

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b-b-b-b-but he fumbled!!11!!1


and now has a Thursday nighter coming up!!1!




man, this kid has really come through, couldn't be any more pleased with a mid-second round workhorse stud.


gotta ask the inevitable here, though,  gents ... we scooping Brown for the 'cuff action?   this offense looks to be on the upswing  

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3 hours ago, Iron-cock said:

Gotta love the hate from the blurb writers too.  I wonder why they didn't mention that CJ Anderson put up his most rush yards (118) since 2014?







depends on your perspective. Could also be an endorsement that he's back to performing up to the expectations people had for him after that great rookie year

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5 hours ago, fjthegrey said:


Imagine having them both right now. That sure would be sweet.

OMG... It is, let me tell you :)

Perfect pairings after WR-WR.

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My week 2 pros and cons:


His explosiveness, on the play he busted outside for about 15 yards looked like his rookie season.

He made some good cuts to pick up a couple extra yards at least 5 times.

Not only was he being used as a checkdown option in the passing game he was having pass plays designed for him, take a look at his long reception the receivers and TE all went left clearing out the right side of the defense and he went from the left of the QB slipped out in the flat on a slower linebacker and gained about 30.

He got another goal line TD and the offense looked competent for a second consecutive week.


FUMBLING: his second one was absolutely terrible lucky he recovered it,  the best way for him to lose his volume would be to keep turning the ball over.

Their field: I have a feeling that by the end of this season the colosseum grass will be in terrible shape which will obviously hurt him. There were a couple plays that he stumbled this week so this can only get worse.

Don't know if this is a Pro or a Con:

Hurdling defenders: don't get me wrong this is cool and fun to see but everytime he does it I hold my breath because I'm afraid he's going to come down awkwardly or have a defender hit him in the air, I saw 3 this week so he needs to start using B or RT and lay off the Y button.

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8 hours ago, fjthegrey said:


Imagine having them both right now. That sure would be sweet.


 I have them both but unfortunately no wr core to brag about, luckily wr is deep on the waiver so u can take shots based on matchups. No way u can replace gurley's production off the waiver weekly as DJ owners are currently finding out.

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54 minutes ago, Tenner said:

Looking forward to watching this man eat. Also looking forward to slamming sammy catching a football or two. 


I get the feeling that Hyde and Gurley will go ham today. We could see alot of rushing yards tonight

I have the exact opposite feeling.  I think both teams are going to stack the box and make the qb beat them.  

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1 minute ago, MrPositive said:

Gurley's success will be tied to Goff's success. Last season they stacked the box and hell everybody on defense to stop Gurley. If Goff can just keep the D a little honest, which is why I LOVE that Kupp pick, then he'll be great.

Yeah we've addressed this several times before. Go ahead and stack the box 9ers, good luck catching Sammy sprinting down the field. Oh and Kupp running that slant... lets see how long that'll work for

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2 minutes ago, championship or bust said:

who is sammy and who is gonna throw it to him?

Watkins, who when healthy can be a difference maker. And Goff with his revamped offense and offensive line. Plus don't forget Fisher held him back those games last year, which showed how foolish that worked out to. The time to shine is now. And he is set up to succeed.

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