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12 hours ago, ChicksDigTheOPS said:

Gotta be other people in this same boat:


caught wind of the Zeke news early--> with rapid heart beat, added both DMC and Morris--> maybe you dropped a solid D/ST for them or a Rob Kelly type -->


and then you realized... it's probably going to be a committee, and neither guy will be more than a low-end RB2 at best ---> so you tried to package them together in a trade, realizing their value will never be higher --->


but no one bit on the trade --->


and now Sunday is tomorrow, and you need a D/ST -->


so you're faced with dropping one of the two -->


Misery wants company. Tell me I'm not alone. --->



Dropped Falcons D/ST and now regret it... will have to drop Morris or McFadden for either Patriots, Bucs, Packers, or Rams D/ST


I received multiple offers for Zeke the past 2 weeks that are obvious accepts in hindsight.  Even if you guess correctly on DMC/Morris it will merely soften the blow of the Zeke loss.  I am leaning DMC because of his proven production in their system.  Either way, they will be a shell of Zeke's production.  With Leary gone, that Dallas OLine went from legendary to above average.


On a side note, Arenado for MVP.



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In 1 league I had a trade vetoed that had David Johnson (week 1 after he was injured) coming to me and Doug Martin going to him. League vetoed the trade. News came out about DJ's injury so I didn't really want to trade. Other owner resends the trade and I accept because it's the right thing to do. I had originally accepted the trade and it was vetoed bc of bull****. I accept the trade and it goes through.


In another league (2QB) guy offers me LeSean McCoy for Matt Ryan. I accept. League vetoes the trade. Commish decides that league vote is bs and we vote to change the setting. Offer up the exact same trade to the guy and he declines and counters with McCoy for Aaron Rodgers. Apparently there is no good karma in FF!

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8 minutes ago, Broncos132 said:

You know what, losing a player to a serious injury every god damn week is ruining fantasy for me, what the hell is the point. Waste of money. **** this. Yes I’m mad.

agree... wont be doing any money leagues next year.... its all luck and your players not getting injured... little skill involved

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8 minutes ago, 1972Miamidolphins said:

With Mariota out, picked up cutler last week to only put up 5 points, dropped him for hoyer this week and gets benched, meanwhile cutler blows up.  They just announced Mariota is starting


my recommendation, start Mariota anywhere u can



Me: "Huh, Cutler blowing up? I'll have to check out the game."


Checks box score, sees 141/2/1.


Me: "Blowing up? Maybe he meant he physical blew up by spontaneous combustion? Maybe that is what the poster meant?"


* Leaves thread confused. 

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