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Swapped out Carson Palmer who I had for backup with Jameis Winston who became available at the last minute. Winston doesn't finish the game. I would've easily won the game if I had just stuck with Carson Palmer.


Aaron Rodgers (rip) ****** my other team today. Thankfully, I have Melvin Gordon who put me into a significant lead that my opponent likely won't recover from.

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1 hour ago, GoPackGo23 said:

I traded away Deshaun Watson this week because I didn't need him when I already had Aaron Rodgers...that backfired. And there goes my 5-0 perfect record with it.

Fantasy football is such a fragile game, after week 3i traded demarco for amari, I thought I was deep in rb, freeman, Zeke, Murray, Cohen, Carson, that very week, the legal news surfaced, dumb Pete Carroll left Carson in and broke the dudes leg, Cohen took a back seat, I went from 5 legit backs to 1


reminds me of the simpsons when me burns drafts all the pros for softball and everyone is eliminated except for strawberry 

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Went into the season with Pryor, Robinson, Adams, and Parker as my 4 WRs in a deep league. Thought the odds were high that at least two of them ended up top 20 WRs with potential for all four. Now I can't rely on any of them for anything more than a WR3.

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:( biggest mistake after all that benching talk from Coaches to Gordon for Ekler

i trade my #1 pick in Melvin Gordon for Hopkins when I had the chance to trade hyde

come to think about it I should have kept melvin I would still have Fournette Hyde melvin instead now I have Hyde forunette kamara/Gallman/foreman/ mixon


oh i set Hyde today after all them talk about Breida lol FmL and now I'm down 34points with Walker titans d and Marlon mac

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