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Okafor or Gordon ROS? WHIR


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Gordon clears waivers in my league tomorrow, and likely won't be claimed considering most players in the league have exhausted all their moves and he's been underwhelming of late.  I'm tempted to take a chance on him with Magic players possibly getting traded, and with the deadline combined into the double week next week I'd want to try to conserve my moves until them.    


A similar trade driven motivation with Okafor, where I'd probably hold him till the deadline.  There's a risk with Philly just not doing anything, but if traded to the right place he'd provide the big-man stats that my team needs right now.  



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What cats do you need?


Nothing's certain regarding trades, but I'd be mildly surprised if Ibaka,  wasn't traded and if either Noel or Okafor weren't traded. Reasons to trade Ibaka: last year of his contract, poor fit with the team, underperforming defense, and AG being forced to SF. Reasons to trade Noel or Okafor: too many talented bigs in Philly.


If Ibaka is traded and AG can return to PF - and hasn't regressed too badly because of his disastrous stint at SF - then I'd expect AG to produce decent boards, stocks, and scoring, even a decent FG% if he decreases his 3-point attempts.


Okafor will probably provide decent boards, blocks, and FG% - but somewhat high TOs too, if his rookie season is any indication.


If you really want more blocks and FG%, then I'd go w/ Okafor. Otherwise, I'd go with AG.


Thanks for the help!

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