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Melvin Gordon 2017 Outlook

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Dudes the new Gurley. Its not the prettiest to watch or the most efficient but he gets crazy volume and has had a nose for the end zone. Working to his benefit the Chargers actually have a much more complete offense than the Rams. 

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This guy is the heart and soul of the Charger's offense right now. Definitely they're best playmaker and a huge threat in the redzone. The ypc aren't great, but that's largely because the oline is awful. He's tough to bring down and that means that coaches and Rivers are going to try and keep finding ways to get him into space. Right now that seems to mean getting him involved in the passing game.

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This guy is a beast. Wish I had the stones to take him 4th in my $ league. Took Julio instead. Other leagues where I had 7th/8th pick, I took him in PPR. He's piling up some insane numbers given the volume he gets. Stud. 

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23 minutes ago, Golden Spikes said:


I hear you, thankfully the dude turned down Bilal and Baldwin for him...phew


Yes I almost got Aaron Rodgers in a package deal for Gordon. Thank god he said no ??

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On 10/6/2017 at 3:35 PM, CABLE87 said:

So will some of you guys listen to me now about Ekeler??

Glad I grabbed Ekeler, gonna be a hot waiver pickup this week, can always count on your advice

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Melvin is turning into anthony lynn’s mccoy from last year


i think coach was a bit lost with so many weapons that he didnt have in buffalo , trying a bunch of things and now is making it simple


I had mccoy last year..

this year i’ve drafted melvin before

mccoy trusting in this situation.

happy now... its happening..

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