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Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

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50 minutes ago, JuanSuarez said:

Procedure is as follows:

1. Go to twitter.

2. Search for Josh Gordon

3. Clic on videos and see him in practice.


If during point 3 you don't run to put him in your flex you must have a really stacked team, or you're playing in a 8 or 10 teams league.

Because practice is the same as games.  They had an overweight 50+ year old white dude covering him on the one play.  Come on man. 

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Just now, Pat Patriot said:

Seems to be ranked on the low side, wr4 range. What is a realistic expectation of a stat line this week? Does anyone else feel like he's ranked too low?

I honestly haven't seen that much of him but picked him up because of all the good vibes in here.


Here's to hoping!

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1 hour ago, wideopen21 said:


You should drop him so a more devout Josh Gordon owner can claim him and start him in a do or die matchup this week. Don't take it personally, you simply lack the faith required to be a Josh Gordon owner. 


I’m in second place with 6 of my players on IR.  Gordon was also my 2nd add this week...


That means the waiver snaked around twice before I got him (I think).  Basically nobody wanted Gordon, so dropping him would be pointless...


Faith is pointless.  I’m more of a “show me the money” kind of guy.  Hopefully Gordon shows me some money this week (on my bench).


And not the Johnny Manziel kind of money either... that kind not even the CFL wants a part of.

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The underline part I think people are forgetting with all this crap. lol Ok im out til sunday. We shall see fellas.


Please think before you post in this thread.


If you're posting information, analysis, or opinion, be sure that it's relevant to his general fantasy or real-life outlook. If your post is specific to your team, your league, or your future alcohol consumption, it's not appropriate here.


This thread is coming dangerously close to being closed due to CSBs, AC questions, and literally hundreds of posts that say nothing of substance. As with any other topic, if the signal to noise ratio becomes so bad that users have to mine through multiple pages to find one or two genuine posts, it will have to be locked.


We're trying to be liberal in our interpretation of "useful", so we're asking for a little thought and cooperation from everyone to keep this thread open.



-- The Management

Message added by tonycpsu

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2 hours ago, Zangief80 said:


Mary Kay Cabot, spare me your sensationalist hot takes



He also watched the Browns force-feed Gordon the ball in 2014, which ruined the end of hometown quarterback Brian Hoyer's promising run here. 



Hoyer was distraught after the game. He threw eight picks in his final four games, many on balls to Gordon. The Browns lost their last five and have never been the same since.


As if Josh Gordon is the sole reason the Browns are garbage ?

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