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T.Y. Hilton 2017 Season Outlook

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19 minutes ago, crazyfingers711 said:

I may be the only person here that started TY this week @ Jax, and still feel good about him this week @buf.  Let's look at some other point totals from team's WR1's vs Buffalo this year:

AJ Green - 29.4  

Mike Evans - 18.3 

Michael Thomas 19.2 

Keenan Allen 37.2 


Buffalo doesn't scare me.  I'm considering starting T Y 


On teams where we are starting 3 WRs and 2 RBs and 2 Flex spots there are worse options than TY's potential blow up   im thinking about it 


if you have confidence in your QB and 75% of your roster i think the risk is close to worth it knowing he could go for 120+ and 2 TDs real quick if he and Brissett are having an on day together 

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23 minutes ago, crazyfingers711 said:

Buffalo doesn't scare me.  I'm considering starting T Y 



Buffalo isn't a daunting defense but they have allowed a league low 10 passing TDs all season, tied with JAX.  Add in that Brissett simply doesn't throw many TDs to begin with and the odds of Hilton pulling down a TD are not good. So you're relying on a big yardage game and that's not great odds either. Hilton isn't a must-sit but the risk vs reward favors the former.

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Ugh....With Shepard on the fence, I am forced to see what happens with him or play TY or M Bryant


Regarding TY......nice grass/turf stats. Just not sure if I can do it though. 


--cold snowy weather

--Buffs D doesn't allow too many TD passes----worse against the run than pass; they bottled up Tyreek Hill when they played the Chiefs

--game script/weather just feels like a low scoring, defensive affair , and as far as the Colts go, a lot of passes to Doyle and the RB's and a lot of rushes with Gore/Mack. It should help Indy that Peterman is expected to start for Buffalo and maybe they get a few more red zone chances due to it...

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Weird things happen in these blizzard games....i.e. long runs, DB's falling down, etc.


Not a slam dunk by any means, but dont be suprised to see him break a big one in slop

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One of my fave WRs in real life but i have to drop.   The Indy QB situation killed me all season.   I believe his 2-3 big games he had he was on my bench.


I'm sure he will go off this Thursday night though.

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The guy that had him in my league started him against me and is out now. Thankfully we can put this guy's frustrating season to rest now. Poor guy is a 2nd round talent stuck in a bad qb situation this season. He'll be back next year, but it was sad to see this guy be healthy yet so irrelevant this season.  

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8 minutes ago, Most Guruist said:

Good guy to have in your lineups this week imo.  The fact he got 12 targets last week means more to me then the 5/175/2 he put up on the Texans in there last meeting this year.  First time this season he broke 10 targets.


Co-signed. TY has the Texans' number. He needs a bit over 40 to crack 1000 - I'm holding out for 1100.

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