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Jay Ajayi 2017 Outlook

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20 minutes ago, oliminator123 said:

What's wrong is you're taking an "average" and removing his 8 games of 15/40. He was the least consistent top running back from last year, and continues to prove that this year. 


Jordy Nelson is not a good example of that because he is a stud, year in and year out. He has a proven track record of being able to compile yards and touchdowns in every game, not just 4.


I am against removing big games from a players profile, but when he has nothing but big games with some awful games mixed in, you can't help but take a look.


Here are his stats from last year (rushing - receiving):

Week 1: 5/14/0 - 4/31

Week 2: 7/28/1 - 0/0

Week 3: 6/33/0 - 2/13

Week 4: 13/42/1 - 0/0

Week 5: 25/204/2 - 1/3

Week 6: 28/214/1 - 1/2

Week 7: 24/111/1 - 3/19

Week 8: 19/79/0 - 1/1

Week 9: 16/77/0 - 3/7

Week 10: 18/45/1 - 1/11

Week 11: 12/61/0 - 6/26

Week 12: 20/48/0 - 1/15

Week 13: 19/51/0 - 0/0

Week 14: 32/206/1 - 1/3

Week 15: 16/59/0 - 3/20


If you can look at these numbers and come to the conclusion that this guy is a bonified, consistent touchdown-scoring RB1 that deserved to go in the first round, props to you. But I think I can point to this season as a good signal that he is highly overrated. 6 of his touchdowns came in the first 7 weeks, and after that he was not even scoring 10 points a week. 49% of his 1,272 yards was in 3 games last year.


If you're going to remove the big game you need to also remove the first 4 games. He was in a messy timeshare for those game(who knows why) so they really shouldn't affect his avg yards/game, if you're trying to use an average in your analysis. Removing his huge games but leaving in the games prior to him becoming the starter is just blatantly manipulating the analysis.

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10 minutes ago, oliminator123 said:

I will agree that volume is a big deal. But on this awful offense with Cutler throwing the rock, the opportunities are not going to be there all too often. Right now he's looking at barely 1,000 yards and 0 TD's. I'm sure that touchdown number will change, but just hope he isn't Gurley 2016.


Have a feeling its just gonna be inconstency all season. He'll have a lot of bad games, but also some really good games. Cutler has been one of the most inconsistent QBs in the game, and the dolphins themselves haven't been consistent for a long time. I really feel like cutler just goes out there sometimes and doesn't give a s---. One of the reasons he's able to throw so many hail marys and not care about the outcome.

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I'm so sick of the dink and dunk spread offense Gase tries to run. Gase only tries to run the ball when they are up a score, which won't be often this season. But with Cutler you can't run the old Peyton Manning Show. Cutler isn't good at the dink dunk game, because he doesn't care changing the play at the line - which is a must when running dink dunk - and not accurate enough in the short-to-intermediate game to move the offense consistently.


So what should Gase do moving forward? Answer is just put Cutler under center more often and hand if off to Ajayi runnning full steam north-south. Old school power! One or two decent gains and suddenly play action will open up some deep shots to Parker/Stills, which is the only thing Cutler is actually really good at. Maybe the ego of Gase is too big now that he's been touted the next great offensive mind. However, if he keeps this s----show going he might be without a job by the end of the year.


#feedajayi #freeajayi

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1 minute ago, philnutz said:

Dolphins are 27th in time of possession, that kills Ajayi more than anything. Cutler doesn't throw the pick in the end zone last week and Ajayi has a completely different stat line.


11 points... still not what I want in a money matchup with my no.1 pick

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14 minutes ago, grimsfield said:

Trying to decide whether or not to bench ajayi for latavius. How the mighty have fallen....

I would have faith in him this week. First home game against a broken titans team. Even more so if Marriota doesn’t play. This will be his game back on track  

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1 minute ago, Accio55 said:

I would have faith in him this week. First home game against a broken titans team. Even more so if Marriota doesn’t play. This will be his game back on track  


If mariota isn't playing, I'll definitely feel a little better, but I have very little faith in the dolphins right now. You're saying the titans are broken, but even without their QB, the titans aren't as broken as the dolphins are right now.

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1 minute ago, PackerBacker555 said:

He still has the questionable tag and I believe he didn’t practice today. 


Is he good for this week? Im assuming it is just a new precaution. 

It’s his “ day off”. He gets Thursday’s off from practices for resting up. Nothing to worry about. And you can confirm it on the actual Miami dolphins website 

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I'm not concerned with Ajayi, it's Cutler busted behind I'm concerned with..

Cutler is tanking the entire offense. He just isn't bad, he's horrible. He and Nick Folk should catch a flight together and never return to pro-ball.

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If the play calling isn't more creative and deceptive this week, it might be time to sell on him.  The talent of the player is important but maybe more important is the coaches ability to put the player in positions to succeed.  Look at Chris Hogan.

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1 hour ago, disasterisk said:

Top 5 RB



Nice one. I'm sure your RB rankings were perfect. Forget the fact that Ajayi was excellent last year and it looked like he would be the focal point of an above average offense in a soft division. 


Despite the disappointing performance I still am confident he'll be a useful RB2 with some big games sprinkled in. 

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