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Jay Ajayi 2017 Outlook

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1 minute ago, yahyahtrick said:

One positive was that Gase finally seemed to cave-in to the fact that they have to pound the rock to win games after the half.

I do believe he tried to make Cutler a thing. Hopefully he adjusts.

Cutler should be arrested for robbery. He stOle 10 million. 

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Far from a JAG.  The guy was 4th in missed tackles and had picked up 140 of 180 yards after contact through his first two games (while everyone else had played 3). 


That offense is just anemic. He got Todd Gurley syndrome. 

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17 minutes ago, owenmills said:

Cutler blows so hard. I feel bad for Ajayi


He's a corpse out there. It's a shame they won yesterday because we could have maybe seen a switch to Moore for next game.


I'm convinced nothing can be worse than Cutler. 

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14 hours ago, CrastersCreep said:

We're looking at a guy that was very likely overdrafted but is going to settle into a useful RB2 with some big games sprinkled in.

Wish I had your optimism

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Still have to start him for at least 1 or 2 more games right? Don't think I can bench a bellcow RB in the modern day NFL, regardless of how bad the offense is. Right?...

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This guy is a bust. Trade him for what you can. I've seen people trade him 1:1 for Lamar Miller and Pryor. Honestly, take what you can because it's not going to get any better.

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Well apparently the O line coach, Chris Foerster, has been taking part in too many extra curricular activities and not focusing on his job?? Let's hope the new o-line  coach can straighten things out cause I still believe in Ajayi but patience is wearing thin?? 

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Bear with me on this because I did not pay attention to Ajayi last year. I'm looking for insights outside of "box score" stats (because that's pretty much all I have to go on for him). Can someone explain to me how at this point in the season he is any different than what he was drafted as? I'm sure his game logs have been discussed, but I have not read everything.


He had a stretch of 6 (!) games last year from Weeks 10 to 15 where he did this:


Week 10 - 19 rushes for 79 yards (long of 40); no TDs

Week 11 - 16 rushes for 77 yards (long of 36); no TDs

Week 12 - 18 rushes for 45 yards ; 1 TD

Week 13 - 12 rushes for 61 yards; no TDs

Week 14 - 20 rushes for 48 yards ; no TDs

Week 15 - 19 rushes for 51 yards; no TDs


Nothing in the receiving game to make mention of during these weeks. He had 1 TD during this stretch. In this 6 game stretch, Weeks 10 and 11 were his best weeks yardage-wise, but 76 of those 156 yards came on 2 runs.


I'm not looking to include or exclude certain things to prove a point. I'm looking for answers. I don't see how his results through 4 games are any different than what he did last year. He was ranked RB1 pre-draft this year as a guy who had over 700 of his 1200 rushing yards last season in 4 games.


If we're sitting at week 8 and he's getting 50 yards every game with no upper 100 or 200 yard games, then he's a bust. At this point, I don't see how you can sit this guy and call him a bust.


I certainly get that the offense looks awful, and that very well may be the reason that this year is different. But I don't see how you cut bait on a guy like this after 4 games.


Happy to get feedback and answers.


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