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Mike Evans 2017 Season Outlook

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14 hours ago, affliction said:

You're in his 2017 outlook thread talking about what he did against a team 3 years ago.


Please tell us more.

It was a joke, slow your roll. Everyone is talking about the bad matchup with Slay looming and I jokingly said in 2014 he had 2 touchdowns against the Lions. Obviously, that is not meaningful input and you are the only one who took it seriously lol

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I haven't read much of this thread - I swung and missed on Evans in every league this year in the draft. 


I did "hit" on Winston however. From my perspective Winston is the problem. The only guy he can seemingly groove with is sloth-footed Brate. I also "hit" on DJack in many leagues this year - he sucks too. What's the common denominator - Crab Leg Man.

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9 hours ago, Booyashakalaka said:


He hasn't had a TD in 6 games.  Just seems like he's not. that. good.  I'd be surprised if he had more than 2 TDs ROS. 

in those 6 games how many was fitz there for ? and if not winston was probably banged up 


i guess jordy nelson is not that good either 

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