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Justin Upton 2017 outlook


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He's a pain in the butt for H2H leagues, but money in Roto because you know his final stats will be there in the end.  But in H2H you just don't know when you're going to get those stats and when he's going to disappear for weeks at a time. 


Also sorta off topic, but does he opt out after this season?  He'd leave something like $88M over four years on the table - could he get better than that in FA? Can he beat $22M yearly and/or more than four years given his current output and that he'll only be 30yo?

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Yep. My team is falling apart. Par for the course at this point. F it. 


Upton fouled a ball off his leg and had to leave the game. Not good. 


Edit. My bad, my live scoring was jacked up. Thought they pulled him and brought Romine in to finish AB. 

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