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Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

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What's with all the "trade Gronk" discussion going on ? Just me or is he a top 10 overall type player with the complete clown-fiesta that is the TE position this year? 


Gronk is on pace for a typical Gronk type season (e.g. 2014 & 2015) which made him a consensus late 1st/early 2nd rounder in proceeding years.


He's on pace for 70 receptions,  120 tgts, 1050 yards, 10 tds and his schedule (points given up to TEs) is really good down the stretch.


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21 minutes ago, HTXMade said:

Another blah week.  He doesn’t even get redzone looks anymore

He got tackled at the 3 yard line this week and had that bull**** catch at the 1 yard line that didn't count last week, but okay.

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28 minutes ago, The 7th Beatles said:


It's stuff like this that adds to greatness..


Keep your heads up. At  least he is still healthy and putting up respectable numbers.. id rather he go balls out with tds when I'm in play offs anyway.. big games are coming, he is due!

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All TEs and WRs can have quite erratic results from week to week (small sample size) ... but when you extend the sample size to 4, 6, 8 games the numbers will be there so long as the player is getting the targets. And Gronk is the most targeted weapon in that offense. In his last 1-2 weeks he's been average as hell .. but in his last 4 or 5 weeks no TE comes close to his production. As the sample size expands so will the productivity. All Gronk owners have to worry about is his health, and so far there are no signs of that being an issue. 



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Gronk has not been average at anything, he dominates everything he does, whether it's blocking, being a decoy, YAC, etc.  He's just not getting the looks.  The Bennett thing is frustrating, because he's a quitter and being rewarded with a superbowl possibility, and also submarining Gronk's fantasy value in the process.


I agree with the post that said the defense playing better is detrimental to his value as well, we'll see Gronk beast when they have an actual challenge, which might not be until week 15 v. PIttsburgh.

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It's the nature of the position.


Tightend is by far the hardest position to predict and has the least consistency across the league, which is why there are usually only 2 or 3 each year that are worth starting every single week.


I have never drafted a tight end before the 5th round for this exact reason. This year seems to be an outlier even, with 4 tight ends (lately only 2) who potentially can put up big numbers (Ertz, Kelce, Graham, Gronk). Outside of those 4 it's an absolute crapshoot and a waste of a position.

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2 hours ago, TheLegacy said:

I'm expecting Gronk to eat this weekend. Miami has been terrible vs the TE.


Past 3 games the Fins gave up TD's to Dickson and OJ Howard with Cook going for 126 yards.


Gronk will get back on the TD track this weekend with 80+ yards. Count it.

I'm confident he has a good week but the difference between Gronk and those guys is Gronk demands attention they don't

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