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Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

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48 minutes ago, RustyMiller said:

I don't think you can take Gronk in the 1st or 2nd.  There's too much variations in his games that he can win or lose your week depending on if he gets the ball.

1st and 2nd rd, you want a minimum of 10pts standard every week .

You're much better off grabbing a RB or WR with a higher floor and grabbing Kelce or Ertz in the 3rd.

Also the thing is outside of those 3, everybody is more or less the same.

So if you can draft someone who will project to get more overall points than those 3 you should be ok for most of the weeks.


 same can be said about many players taken n the 1st or 2nd rd. I tend to look at it like the TE slot is the only slot on my roster which is not deep with regards of predictable double digit production so owning one of the top 3 gives me a significant advantage weekly whereas in my rb/wr/flex slots i have more options to find high upside studs and breakouts in the later part of the draft and via the wire.  of course u will always get the hot but inconsistent TE like a brate-henry-engram but those are more the exceptions than the rule Gronk-kelce-ertz are every down matchproof pass catching magnets who will also get consistent redzone looks. That can't be said about most wr and te's

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16 hours ago, dashoe said:


Gronk and kelce if they were wr would have finished inside the top 10 for the reg season in ppr scoring, i doubt if you could predictably find that  production value  streaming off the waivers or in the 7th rd.  I guarantee u alot of championship teams had gronk-kelce-ertz on them.  TE is a slot if u have a weekly double digit producer that gives you a significant point differential over a competitor weekly because of scarcity value.


Towards this point, Kelce finished as the #5 WR/TE in my main league (which is .25 PPR for WR's, and .50 PPR for TE's). 


1. AB - 214.44 points

2. Hopkins - 206.95 points

3. K.Allen - 177.03 points

4. T.Hill - 169.11 points

5. Kelce - 167.47 points

6. Gronk - 166.04 points


Kelce (and Hill) both of course sat out Week 17 since KC rested most of their starters. So Kelce might have climbed as high as #3 otherwise. 


In 2016, Kelce was #12 amongst the WR/TE bucket. 


As far as my team goes, I traded for Kelce after Week 3 (giving up Landry & Crowell). I ended up playing the owner I made the trade with, in the Week 16 Finals. If he had Kelce in his lineup instead of Tyler Kroft, he would have won the league and I would have finished in second. I'm glad I made the trade :) Regardless of how it worked out for me though, when you have a player who has been 12th and 5th amongst all WR's and TE's the past two seasons, that certainly merits consideration as an early-round draft pick. And since this is the Gronkowski thread (and not the Kelce thread), I'd say the same applies for Gronk too. 

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Well deserved.  Those dominant games down the stretch I'm sure swayed a lot of votes.  Kelce could just have easily made first team.  So Gronk gets 69 catches and still gets to collect.  A nice day for him, I'm sure.

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14 hours ago, shakestreet said:

Good ... 


i noticed the same patriot haters are always whining ...  incentives 70 catches etc... chowderheads 


I’m a Patriots disliker and I’m not whining about this one - that’s awesome!  Go Gronk!

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2 minutes ago, BMcP said:


I’m a Patriots disliker and I’m not whining about this one - that’s awesome!  Go Gronk!

Didn't own Gronk in any leagues this year.  But by far the funniest guy to watch. Deserves everything he gets.

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