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Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook


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As a non DJ owner - and recovery going well - how much would you pay for AP for potentially only until week 12-13?  I want to win games now but not sacrifice the season.  Also of course possible that AP stays out until Christmas as originally suspected.

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They got behind to early, abandoned run. And with Palmer out, AP will have a far harder time now, Palmer was respectable so you could not stack the box on AP or ye get burned, now???  gonna be AP, AP, AP, Punt...AP, AP, AP, Punt.


Oh well...How was it players in the 70s would lose a finger and still play? Today a bump and BLAMO!....protocols, bones and organs explode.

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On 10/15/2017 at 5:16 PM, Ffguy0087 said:

He's a clear RB1 ROS. ROS = Til/if DJ comes back. Good job guys. Reap the rewards. This guy has a chip on his shoulder. He's gonna eat.


Call me out for a knee jerk but I started him today expecting 100/1. He's a great asset in this offense.

A clear RB1 ROS!


some of you are delusional. 

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21 minutes ago, owenmills said:

This offense is going to be a dumpster fire moving forward. I doubt even DJ will post respectable numbers if/when he returns.


meh, dunno 'bout that ... we've seen fantasy relevant RBs on horrible teams on many occasions - DJ has the ability to "make his own shot" (to borrow from another sport ?), so to speak - AP does not. 


DJ would prolly be seeing upwards to 10 targets per game in this current offense, and he can be devestating in space. 


i realize you were being more facetious than factual in your post, but DJ would thrive even in Cleveland ...

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