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Isaiah Crowell 2017 Season Outlook

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2 minutes ago, MrPositive said:


But their offensive line was supposed to be by far their strongest area

Their o-line is so overrated. Zeitler and Joe Thomas can not make up for the rest of the deficiencies on that line. Yea, part of it is because defenses do not respect Kizer, but, still. Not a good team.  

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On 9/16/2017 at 2:57 PM, dudewithabadcat said:

Play your studs.  Browns have a nice o line.  A nice QB.  Some nice WRs.  A nice defense.  This is a nice team.  Crow could fly on any given Sunday


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Why did I draft Crowell?! And so high?! And in two leagues?! Ugh. This guy looks like trash, and he's definitely been one of the biggest fantasy disappointments of the year. 


Obviously, this is Duke Johnson's team. I should've drafted him instead. Next week vs. Jets is a plus matchup, but I have ZERO faith in Crow.


Dropping for Doctson. I'm done with him. Let him crash and burn on one of my opponent's team.

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3 minutes ago, goke said:

Too valuable to drop, he's going to be in the bench and possibly used if I'm desperate in a bye week situation

I think you mean, drafted too high to consider dropping.

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Dropping for a lottery ticket handcuff.  My team desperately needs a miracle at RB, and Crowell is not the solution.  I can only hope he does well in his last great matchup next week so someone pick some him up and then he craps their team instead of mine.  

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I was not high at all on this dude coming into the season but damn he is doing worse than I thought. Terrible YPC, non factor in passing game, only 2 redzone rushing attempts, in a bad offense. Just cut your losses and move on

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"Lets buy low on Crowell.  He was never going to do anything against PIT and BAL, but game script is going to favor the Browns for the next couple of weeks.  Indy and Cinci are trash."


- Me, 2 weeks ago

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