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Chris Johnson 2017 Season Outlook

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5 hours ago, CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast said:


Sure. As long as the rest of the steeler offense comes to AZ too. They are a mess ... Johnson made that team. Good luck.


Why are you choosing to ignore the part where he mentions that AZ's ranked #7 in run blocking last year, independent of David Johnson?

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No, I didn't. It really is beyond pathetic how people latch onto players and then "fight for them" over the internet.


Williams is garbage. This offense is garbage. Now get excited about the guy signed off the scrap heap - you know, the guy they JUST CUT a few weeks ago.


Yes, he's gonna be your savior. 




Great OL 

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Dude...your trolling of this thread is pathetic. I said he deserves more hype than he's been getting, nothing more. 


You aren't a fan, we get it...so why do you continue to post here? Butthurt much or just a negative Nancy?


Chris Johnson was let go in large part because he doesn't play special teams. Kerwynn Williams does and he's still on KR/PR duties. Ellington is the third down back. Chris Johnson had a good game yesterday and got a positive endorsement from his coach and GM. Opportunity is there. This isn't rocket science. Name some waiver fodder you'd grab over CJ. 

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I like the points being made here on both ends..  As someone who picked up CJ last week, i'd say that I don't really expect him to put up RB1 #s.  Realistically, i'd expect low-end Rb2 #s and if more happens then great.  But his opportunity alone is worth the add. 

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I never said he wasn't "worth an add"; I said expecting Rb1 numbers "because this offense produced the #1 fantasy back" is ridiculous - because it is. If he gets the 20-30 touches Williams did, yeah sure he'll be valuable - just like any RB who touches the ball that many times 


My point: it's still a committee. A committee in a not so good offense - on the team that cut him recently. He was signed back because he knows the playbook - not his "upside"

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Cards fan here, and I've watched all of the RB's on the depth chart very closely the last few years. CJ is a much better runner than Ellington and Williams, who both have below average vision and pass-rush blocking ability. Arians trusts CJ and I expect him to get the bulk of the carries and goal line work until David Johnson returns.


I think he will produce similar numbers to when he was a starter 2 years ago before he got injured. I think around 60-70 total yards and a solid chance at a TD is a reasonable expectation. It's probably good enough to be a low-end RB2/flex options in 12-person leagues, that kind of value should not stay on the wire any longer.

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CJ's latest tweet was a quote from Arians...


RT @SiriusXMNFL: "Didn't want to feed him too much b/c he just came back but feel good abt what we got back there" - Arians on @ChrisJohnson28 & RB group


He then added lots of food emojis to the tweet...implying he's ready to eat.


In my deep 14-Teamer I dropped some FAAB on him, and like Arians...feel good about it -- worth the add as a bench player to see how much burn he's got left with the opportunities he clearly will be given. Could surprise people...especially on MNF where he seemed to always shine. 



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Cardinals coach Bruce Arians expects Chris Johnson's carries to increase in Week 3.

Advice: Making his 2017 debut, Johnson had 11 carries in Week 2, soundly out-playing Kerwynn Williams. Arians appears ready to give Johnson a chance to run with starting duties during David Johnson's absence. Fantasy players shouldn't expect more than an RB3 day, but Johnson is worth scooping up in leagues where he remains unowned (admittedly, probably not many).


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4 minutes ago, PistolPete87 said:

As a DJ owner, I picked up CJ hoping for RB2 numbers. Reports say that he has a "better burst" now than he did in camp when he was cut. Fingers crossed he produces like he did in 2015.


Agreed. Sitting Howard this week with the hopes of CJ pulling some sort of miracle. I'm guessing 18/70/0, might be too hopeful for a TD but he will get some goal like work.

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