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David Peralta 2017 Outlook

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Will be nice to own Dbacks this year after Chip Hale got canned.  He made it almost unbearable to own anyone on that team other than Goldy.  Peralta shohld hit 2nd vs RHP, 7th vs LHP.  Great value this year.

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1 hour ago, kittenmittons said:

Damn, hoping he would win the opportunity to hit lefties... Encouraged after opening day....


I mean I'd argue they're giving him at least a decent opportunity when they've already played him against MadBum this series... 

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I watched all four of his at-bats tonight.  His HR was an oppo boppo, one of his outs was a ball hit so hard to the third baseman I thought it was gonna tear his wrist off, and his last at-bat, particularly noteworthy because it was off a lefty, was a double to deep left that missed clearing the fence by about 20 feet.


He's got a premium spot (at least against righties) in a good lineup in a hitter's park, is hitting the ball hard to all fields, and the wrist injury seems to be a thing of the past.  Don't sleep on this cat if he's out there in your league, as I could see a .290/80/20/90/10 (with a tip of the cap to taobball) kind of season in store...

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39 minutes ago, taobball said:

Launched that one after the ump probably took a walk from him... but who wants to walk anyway when you can slam bombs. 


I think this is gonna be .305/22/10 type season for Peralta. 

christian yelich 200 picks later :)

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Just now, jfazz23 said:

christian yelich 200 picks later :)


TBH I think he's going to potentially be better. I don't buy into Yelich sustaining the power with his GB/FB and I think Peralta will hit 20 if he stays healthy. I think their BAs are comparable, but tbh with his park advantage I think I may give him the slight edge their too. Yelich's SB I'm a bit more confident in but yeah, I'm really loving Peralta. It'd take a hell of an offer to weasel him from me rn. 

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1 minute ago, street sharks said:

He was just at the plate lol


So maybe it's nothing?


Not just at the plate, but at the plate in a 9-1 game where they PH for Goldy right after him just because... it's a 9-1 game. I'm fairly confident he would not be in there if he were that hurt. 

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2 hours ago, mthdmn said:

He also said that about ALL the players on the team (I'm a Dbacks fan).  So not really anything to be worried about, everybody is going to sit some so they'll be fresh later in the season.  Coachesl seems to be taking a RBBC approach to their players, like football.

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For those in weeklies, he sits against lefty starters:


Matt Moore - L

Jeff Samardzija - R

Matt Cain - R

Clayton Kershaw - L

Kenta Maeda - R

Alex Wood - L

Brandon McCarthy - R


Might be looking at a 4 start week.

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