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Odell Beckham Jr 2017 Season Outlook

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45 minutes ago, yanksman said:

They covered it up but you know the truth?




Dr. David Chao has been very helpful to me fantasy-wise with his info. Dude is right more often than not. If Odell has a regular sprain, don't you think he'd be doing more in practice by now?



And by covering up, I meant that a team with an injured player of OBJ's profile isn't going to be forthcoming about the severity of the injury for competitive reasons.

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Plenty of monday night options if you have 2 strong wrs and can flex odell til we hear more.


I have Kamara in the league i own odell. It's enough that id be willing to have to start him just to have a shot at starting odell sunday night (if gtd).

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4 minutes ago, svtballa said:

Is this guy really going to miss the Sunday night opener against the Cowboys?!?!?!


Not about whether he misses the game. It's whether you start him over a better 1 PM EST option if he's active without having practiced. IMO, heck no. 


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Just now, CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast said:

He flew with the team, reportedly feeling "much better" yesterday, and hasn't had anything on his ankle at all since the injury. 


You probably should've handcuffed him with Shepard, but I think he's playing.



I'm playing Matthews.  As I said, I made that decision when I drafted OBJ.

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I'm playing Decker. Doesn't sound promising at all tonight. Snap count or decoy at best. I wouldn't feel bad about using Shepherd if Beckham is declared out. I'd rather they hold him out until he's close to 100% rather than have this linger. 

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16 minutes ago, screaming_vultures said:

OBJ should not be playing if he is less than 100%. As big of a loud mouth that he is, he is a prime target for the DBs and it is a real danger that he aggravates this. Just another tackle around the ankle area and we are seeing a lengthy absence. 

He's too good of a player to sit, even at 80% he will attract a lot of the defenses attention and open up the field for everyone else. I've seen it too many times with Calvin Johnson, I wouldn't be shocked at all to see a, 3 catch 21 yard game from Odell today. 

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I really don't think the Giants will trot him out there if he is gimpy and not able to make an impact. He is way too important to our future and the Giants aren't the type of organization to put an injured superstar out on the field just to be a decoy and risk further injury. These are just my personal thoughts as a Giants fan, not based on any report. 


If he's playing, I'm playing him. If not, I'll slot in Shepard. This drama filled build up is ripe for an Odell explosion tonight. 

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