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Pierre Garcon 2017 Outlook

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On 10/3/2017 at 7:19 AM, jonasdash said:

Expecting him to bounce back after having some rough coverage issues in recent games + looks like the run game is strong enough to keep defenses not playing extra cover

Same here. He’s a target machine and pretty reliable flex/wr3 in ppr 

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5 hours ago, dashoe said:

Garcon is not the problem.. .Hoyer is the problem


Indeed, but all the right intentions are there.


Frankly, Garcon has done somewhat better than expected against the lock down corners he's faced.  Teams know the Niners really don't have anyone else.  That is why you've been seeing Taylor emerge some.  If Hoyer decides to have a good game against a team without an elite cover guy, Garcon will blow up. 

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It is pretty amazing that Brian Hoyer is a starting QB in the NFL.  Not very athletic, has never really accomplished much in this league, yet he's still here.  Something about being a New England backup makes you viable in this league, I suppose.  Matt Cassel.  Hoyer.  Soon to be Garropolo.  It speaks to how hard the position is to play if there isn't 32 other guys in the country that can do it better than him.


I targeted Garcon in drafts this year because of the hype of playing the X in Shanahan's offense.

So far targets are:

Garcon 33

Hyde 22

Goodwin 19

Trent Taylor 19 (10 in the last game, WTF)

Aldrick Robinson 18 (12 in the last game, WTF)

George Kittle 14

Breida 9


So the targets are there.  And last week's 8 targets while Taylor and Robinson got 10 and 12 likely explained by Patrick Peterson.  Just hoping that Hoyer can continue to look his way and trust Garcon.  I think you have to continue to plug Garcon in, especially in PPR.

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14 hours ago, leffe186 said:

Hoyer isn't the greatest, but he's clever and adequate. Should be the best back-up in the league, but as you say, there's not a lot of talent out there.


Hoyer is just inconsistent.  He has stretches of really excellent play (see last year's stretch) and then just some bafflingly awful outings (Houston playoff game, a couple games this year).  I dont know what it is with him.  He has the ability.  Maybe he is just mental?  Anyway, he does seem to have the system down and a decent arm so as long as he's targeting our boy mercilessly like he is now, Garcon should be a fine WR2.

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1 minute ago, Rolling Thunder said:

Another less-than-ideal match up with Vontae Davis back?


On the positive side, no Norman for the following week.


I have the same feeling, yes it's IND but Garcon will get a lot of Davis, which doesnt seem ideal...

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Not worried either. Every week PPR starter for me (shutdown CB pending)


This is a potential breakthrough game for Garcon, who runs 68% of his routes at slot and left corners, whereas Vontae Davis played all right corner in his Week 4 return from a preseason groin injury. Davis struggled much as he did when trying to play through a groin injury last season, giving Seattle’s wideouts an inordinate amount of cushion, and allowing 101 yards on six targets according to PFF’s charts.

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