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Scott Schebler 2017 Outlook

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26 minutes ago, Eddy24 said:

How does he profile compared to Khris Davis? Just for a player comp, wondering if he'll have similar value. 

they are almost identical - s---y batting average - but incredibly high slugging percentage!

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38 minutes ago, Hound75 said:


Except Schebler's K% is ~20% compared to ~30% for Davis


Although his eye has much improved as evident by his increasing walk totals. An area Schebler still needs improvement in at the major league level.

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1 minute ago, My Dinner With Andre said:


And yet it doesn't really seem like he's that "hot", does it?


It doesn't. I keep thinking about picking him up, but there are things I don't like. He seems like a one trick pony, most of his homers are solo shots(nitpicking, I know). He doesn't walk, but at the same time he doesn't strike out that much. His HR/FB is inflated, if he were to keep this pace up he will have 50+ homers. He hits the ball hard, but I don't know what to make of this start from him at all. it drives me nuts seeing him on the wire because it is tempting to pick him up and play keep away from other league mates. But also I'm afraid to pick him up and then he cools off with the homers because he doesn't offer anything other than homers.

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i have him - just plug in lineup.  More than a 50 percent shot hell hit a home run .  I benched him during his one hr 4 rbi game.  never again.


If he raises his averages just a bit - he'll be a bonafide stud.  I think they need to move him to 4-5 hole.  Whenever he comes up theres no one on base.  I still don't understand why Suarez is ahead of him.


It should go Hamilton,  Cozart,  Votto, Duvall, Schebler, Suarez

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I drafted him this year with a flier and could not be happier. Last year, I picked up Duvall off the waivers and enjoyed a monster season. This year, this guy is even better than Duvall last year. 


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Scott Schebler has been diagnosed with a left shoulder strain.

Advice: Schebler suffered the injury Saturday while making a diving catch on a Nick Markakis line drive. The severity of the strain is unknown at this time, though he immediately motioned for a trainer after snaring the ball and looked to be in a good amount of pain. Schebler is currently tied for the National League lead in homers with 16. This could be a big blow for the Reds.

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1 minute ago, b0nfire said:

Pinch hit bomb tonight, book it

Probably.  But since Im in 2nd place playing the first place team I have to put someone in that spot that is going to play a full game. 

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