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Terrelle Pryor 2017 Season Outlook

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Just now, Under500Forever said:

Are you guys dropping or holding? 

I hate to just drop my 4th round pick but Facts are facts. He's pretty Effin terrible. 

I'm thinking of dropping him for Doctson


If you drafted tomorrow he wouldn’t even be on your board. Easy drop

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Just now, lolcopter said:


If you drafted tomorrow he wouldn’t even be on your board. Easy drop

Well Dayyum.  


I only own him in dynasty and a super deep 14er so I don’t think I will drop yet.   But in normal leagues it’s tough to see the light

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6 minutes ago, Impreza178 said:

Chris Thompson.  

Drafted by exactly .5% of leagues.  Scoring all the tds 


True, you'd be a genius if you drafted Chris Thompson. 


That or you'd have to be in a really deep league.

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11 minutes ago, TennisMenace said:


Wow, you are dropping Pryor for Corey......interesting move.  I guess you have completely given up on Terrelle like I gave up on Martavis two weeks ago. 


Yea I'm done with him. Would rather an upside guy like Corey. Last night's game was nail in the coffin. He's not doing anything this year and he seems so disinterested. Not a good situation. Low snaps, bad routes, drops ... like a sitting duck.

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Drafting Terrelle Pryor was a mistake then holding on to the bum where I was hoping some chemistry would develop between Pryor & Cousins was not my best idea.... now I am stuck because honestly the WW is very thin in my 10 team league. 



Corey Davis is gone... Doctson, Stills, Hurns, JJ, Coleman, TBenjamin, Coleman, Goodwin or Snead are available. Each one I named have some question marks.....my pickup is Snead. 

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Possibly one of the worst draft picks I've ever made. It's not entirely his fault -- none of their WRs are returning value -- but it's impossible to trust anyone on the team with Cousins spreading the ball around so much. Welcome to Dropsville, Pryor.

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1 hour ago, TennisMenace said:

Why do I have a feeling Pryor is going to be the man this week vs. Cowboys?

Glad I'm not the only one.  Granted, bye weeks are forcing me to start him, but this would be typical...finally goes off when most ppl have him on their benches or have dropped him.  I'd love to get some of that early round potential back...gotta be one of the biggest busts ever from a fantasy perspective, given his ADP.

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