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Martellus Bennett 2017 Season Outlook

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Just now, Fiveohnine said:

Cut for failing to disclose a rare medical condition sometimes known as “Butterfingers”. 


I've seen it. The butter actually oozes from the fingertips. Doctors recommend wearing whole wheat gloves 2x a day and during games.

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Just now, herschel said:

they have been verbally unhappy with dwayne allens performance.  he knows the coaches, system, etc.  give him some motivation to play for one more ring before retiring.

Wouldn't they be on the hook for the remaining two years of his contract though?

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2 minutes ago, Yanksfan06 said:

Wouldn't they be on the hook for the remaining two years of his contract though?

i dont know the details of his contract.  i imagine he would either retire and they wouldnt pay it out or they would restructure it.  pats did this with blount previously after steelers cut him (although that was earlier in the season).

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The guy is a headache. 

He is outspoken and a media rat. They knew something was up when during the bye week, he practiced one day and then was declared “out” shortly after. 


I am not sure what happened to his shoulder but it’s kind of crazy. I believe the Packers are going to be getting part of his signing bonus. 


I do think there is something wrong with the guy and he won’t get picked up by another team. 

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ESPN Boston views the Patriots as a potential fit for free agent TE Martellus Bennett.

Bennett had a career-high seven touchdowns with New England last year. The Patriots have struggled in the red-zone and could have interest in bringing him back. With Dwayne Allen not doing much behind Rob Gronkowski, Bennett could provide an upgrade in two-tight end sets. Bennett has only $724K remaining on his 2017 salary, so his contract shouldn't be an issue.
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6 minutes ago, PlayTheWaivers said:

This due flat out quit on his team. What a loser.


He will get to play for a winner I suppose.


This is not surprising since he stated he doesn’t want to play football next year. No point in trying with the garbage packers

True. He quit on the packers and is a piece of ...


the moment rodgers gets hurt he has a mystery shoulder injury. 


Then during the bye he states this year will be his last. 


Wow. That narrows the list of teams to about 4, which I wouldn’t think anyone would want him. 

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