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Rex Burkhead 2017 Outlook

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13 minutes ago, General Gannicus said:

If Lewis gets traded and one of Mike G or White gets injured Burkhead could be an every week starter on fantasy teams...   


Seems like Burkhead would be the handcuff for both guys and would only need one of them to get dinged up or worn down to have a shot at putting in work...


Shallow benches I get it he didn't do much and you can't hold him just like you can't hold Carson if he only has 10 snaps this week I guess...


But for those of us with deep benches I'd much rather hold Rex a bit to see how it plays out then ditching him for some flavor of the week guy who doesn't really have the week winning upside Rex does...

Sure, that's also like saying Chris Carson could be relevant if Rawls, Lacy, and Prosise all get hurt. Oh wait, Rawls is already hurt. Or if Hyde gets hurt then Breida gets a chance. Or if Marshawn is not the same, then Washington.


The point is there are four RBs. Playing for a fickle coach. Why should it matter if Lewis is traded? He played 6 snaps. The two backs to own here are White and Gilleslie. Hold Rex if you want as a handcuff to both if pure convinced he would take over in case of injury. But there are certainly a lot better handcuffs out there playing behind guys that have injury histories (Breida) or old (Washington/Richard).

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3 hours ago, CraftyRighty said:

See the Tarik Cohen for outlook on Burkhead


handful of rushes with a wide range of catches weekly hoping he breaks one for a score


Burkhead did not cost me 35%+ FAAB though

Tarik Cohen = Rex Burkhead????  I just spit my coffee up on my keyboard.  No worries, I'll just call IT to replace...

You can't be serious.  Cohen is electric, and the team actually gave him almost half the snaps.  Rex got 2 snaps to start the game, then EIGHT the entire remainder.  I hardly think there is any comparison.  Wide range of catches?  You expect him to be targeted 12 times?

3 hours ago, owenmills said:

I dropped him. After watching week 1 I don't want any part in the NE offense. I'd rather hold a RB lotto ticket that could actually be the lead back if there's an injury. Burkhead probably needs multiple injuries to be a reliable every week fantasy option.

Word.  I don't doubt that there will be a week or two where he goes off.  But there is no consistency in this backfield aside from Gilleslie and perhaps James White.

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Giardi of CSN is saying they will move Rex to the slot, something I have been advocating for. I was just telling someone the other day that Bill needs to make Rex their next Edelman. 


If this happens, watch out. He WILL be the Patriots' next Welker or Edelman. Is the perfect type for that. I grabbed him immediately and have him stashed on my bench to see. 


If he is given an opportunity at the Edelman role, look out. He will run away with it, and in PPR leagues, could be an absolute boon since he'd be a pass-catching RB. 

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