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1 hour ago, Sean Tambo said:

Nah, he's on his way to Gillislee land with fumble and a drop...


White should see increase in snaps this week


Burkhead will never be deactivated because he contributes on special teams.

James White dropped his only target.

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Welcome to by starting lineup MR REX you will be replacing Kareem haven't scored since september Hunt .  Rex appears to be the redzone RB this week, as long as Gilli is inactive White is only playing minimal snaps he is definitely worth the start.  Patriots score a lot so he always has a chance for a TD can't say the same for other teams out there that can't score.

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Bill forgave him for that fumble awfully quick. It looks like Rex will get chances. I don't expect 2 TD's every week at all, but he'll get the opportunity at least. His yardage was low, however, and Dion looks like the lead back, so he will be boom/bust. However, it looks as if Bill has forgiven him for the fumble, and as long as he doesn't do it again, he's solid Flex material.

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New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

NE: Credit to Evan Silva who dropped a tweet on Monday showing Rob Gronkowski’s career stats when playing at Buffalo; an average of 6-97-1. That’s a WR1 stat line, not a TE stat line. While I do like Gronkowski, I probably won’t be stacking him with Tom Brady. I think that Gronk gets his but this game will mostly fall on the legs of Dion Lewis and Rex Burkhead. Buffalo still stinks against the run and New England’s M.O. is attacking an opponent’s weakness. If Brady doesn’t have to throw, he won’t. Brandin Cooks is always worth a look as well since he and Brady seem to hook up for a big play every week, although he’s not at the top of my WR target list at the moment

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14 minutes ago, kidsgotsoul said:

BB is probably one of the last coaches to activate a player just so they can stick it to their old team.


This is the last things BB would do and that's one more reason why he is the GOAT. 

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Dion Lewis, Rex Burkhead, and James White: The question that most should be asking right now is, “Why did the Patriots even sign Mike Gillislee?” He’s now been inactive the last few weeks, though you have to wonder if he’ll be active against his former team. As of now, we have to assume he won’t be with how well Lewis and Burkhead are playing. Lewis has averaged 13.0 carries over his last six games, though he’s not being used in the passing game, which limits him to the RB2 conversation. Burkhead even started to get goal-line work last week and has touched the ball an average of 12.0 times over the last four games. Both of them need to be in lineups until they give us a reason not to, especially against a Bills defense that has allowed 12 rushing touchdowns over their last five, even though the Chiefs failed to record even one last week. Coming into that game against the Chiefs, the Bills had allowed nine top-30 PPR running backs in their last four games. Lewis is a high-end RB2, Burkhead is also in the RB2 conversation, and White is worth RB4 consideration. Yes, the Bills run defense is that bad.

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