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Tyler Skaggs 2017 Outlook

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Seems like a guy that we keep seeing flashes of elite skills from in between trash starts. I grabbed him as a Hail Mary replacement for Bumgarner in a deep league, but absent some analysis that shows skills growth, I'm not going to be starting with much confidence against stronger offenses. His good starts have come against KC and the struggling Jays.) 

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He's one of those guys someone is going to get great value from if he pitches a full season. Looked the best I've seen him in a while this year but isn't that how it goes.

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9 minutes ago, crotchcrickets said:

Returning tomorrow...anyone buying?

Cautiously optimistic. I still love a lot of this kid's stuff, and he's going against the As... but I'd wait and see, possibly even get him and bench him if I have the space. I'm expecting a good number of Ks but a lot of BBs as well... Makes me nervous. 

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2 hours ago, crotchcrickets said:

Returning tomorrow...anyone buying?


In a 12-teamer where most teams sit on 12-14 starting pitchers each. So yea, I'm buying, snatched him two weeks ago for a DL spot I had because he looked damn good earlier this year. Strikeout potential alone should ensure more 20pt weeks than not. 

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