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Kenta Maeda 2017 Outlook

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1 hour ago, radioflyer9 said:

Roberts is an idiot! Maeda is by far a better pitcher then Ryu. Maeda has pitched really well when given the chance. I just don't understand this reason to put him in the bullpen. 

It can't last, Ryu is garbage. Another blowup and Kenta will be back for good.

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For those who don't already own him, this is a good buying opportunity. He has shown the ability to help your ratios and get some Ks out of the pen. He will also have good opportunities to run into some wins out of the long relief role also. At some point he will end up back in the rotation, and I really think he can still be helpful in the meantime. Owners are clearly frustrated and you should be able to acquire him at a good price considering his season long ERA, the "demotion" to the bullpen, and the negative rotoworld blurb showing for him. 

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There are other guys who also belong on waivers that are more annoying to own, I'm sure. 

Dont get me wrong. I liked him when I drafted him. But if you can't hold a rotation spot, you can't help me. 

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Kenta Maeda will start Tuesday against the Angels.

The Dodgers will move all of their starters back a day. Maeda has spent the better part of a month see-sawing between the bullpen and the starting rotation. The right-hander sports a mediocre 4.87 ERA in his 11 starts this year.
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Just now, Fiveohnine said:

Personally I liked him a lot when I drafted him. But it doesn't really matter how good your stuff is when you're sitting in the pen waiting for clean up duty. I hope he sticks this time though.


But it does because it's a particular level of upside, and a decent proximity to it. I'm not saying I don't understand it, but I would not do it in even a ten team mixed, and personally do t believe it should be done.

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