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Kenta Maeda 2017 Outlook


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This one will be a rough one, I tell ya.  Its nice that an ugly matchup like this comes at the end of the week so you know if you need a hail mary or not.  I wouldn't play unless you are playing from behind and need to go long.  At least he is still getting K's. looking forward to him turning it around.

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I would think if he struggles again this week, in shallow leagues (8/10 teamers) he would probably be droppable. Maybe even in 12 teamers, depending on whats available on the wire. The price in those cases would be free.

In deeper leagues, I am certain if he struggles today, the price would be 25-50 cents on the dollar. 


So if you really wanted him and couldnt get him in the draft, you are hoping for a bad outing again today. 

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Maeda is obviously better than this. However, I do think he was overrated in fantasy entering this year, and I'm not just saying that based off a poor start. If anything, I'm a Dodgers fan, and I hope my opinion below is proven false:


IMO, Maeda was figured out somewhat. Numbers regressed down the stretch last year (4.25 second half ERA) and now teams had a whole offseason of film against him as well. The novelty has worn off. He was always more of a #4/#5 type, he was paid like one too with that contract, and he pitched over his head while people didn't know who he was and what his approach was.


NO, I do not think he is trash. However, I think he was drafted quite aggressively with people chasing last season's stats.


Disclaimer: I've had this opinion since before the season started. Sorry I didn't post it ITT. I probably posted it somewhere on reddit.

Right now Kenta Maeda is rocking a stat cast FIP of 3.87. (per xStats


Coincidentally, that is precisely the kind of true talent pitcher I believe he is.  I would likely sell for 80 cents on the dollar, if I owned any shares (which I do not). There's probably someone out there who thinks he is a low 3s ERA kind of guy off to a poor start.

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I went to the game tonight and sat behind home plate and dude was giving up absolute missiles.  Just scuds all over the field.  He has a nasty change and a decent slider, but when he doesn't locate his fastball, it's just rockets and moonshots all over the yard.  He could have easily given up 5 bombs tonight, but Peralta hit one off the center field wall that was maybe two feet from going out, but would have gone 420 feet if it hadn't hit the wall.  I haven't seen a pitcher get hit that hard in person since the immortal Rodrigo Lopez.   

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I would hold.  His schedule has been rough.  Last 3 @coors, Arizona and @arizona.  That's 2 extreme hitters parks and a top 10 offense.  He gets Giants next 2 and then Pitt.  I'd hold and analyze through that stretch.  If he does well next start after that is @coors BENCH.

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