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Kelvin Benjamin 2017 Season Outlook

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That's 2 bye weeks for KB owners....rough..   ugh, BUF was week 6 bye....wrong team (disregard)....still, sucks losing him when so many players are on byes this week, and I'm not even a KB owner.

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38 minutes ago, MovingTheChains said:

I'm glad the Bills made my decision easier. I was plugging him in and out of my lineup.


This. Of course, I’m down to TJ Jones, but at least I’m not raging at the TV tonight with Benjamin watching from the sidelines.

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13 minutes ago, dannyz6969 said:

f********** dammit did yahoo rule him out as in out I can put him in IR? I left him on normal bench...it wont let me move him now.


He's ruled "Inactive", I don' think that qualifies him for the IR spot.

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5 hours ago, Joelioli said:

He almost played last week

You mean he didn't play and was never expected to. Saying he "almost played" is saying your girlfriend was "almost pregnant".


5 hours ago, Joelioli said:

He's a risky play this week though in a new offense with a pretty difficult matchup.

Here we totally agree though. I'll bench him if I can. The Bills suddenly have so many options that I'm really curious how they're going to use Benjamin - they might feed him 10 targets and he might get 6. I'm holding on to Benjamin because I think by rights he should be the #1 WR on their team by a wide margin, but can you trust a team that has been force feeding Zay Jones through an absolute drought?

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8 minutes ago, jtbgator said:

He should play this week, right?

I think so, but I expect limited usage as he just started this week. If he gets 5-6 serious targets and produces on them (say 4/50), I'll keep him on the bench and wait for more. If he gets/scores less... then I may not have the patience.


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