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Ryan Zimmerman 2017 Outlook

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This is insane.  Guys who ended up with him in deeper leagues were probably weighing whether to take him or some scrub catcher like Cervelli or Cameron Rupp or some awful MI like Tyler Saladino.  That's how out of nowhere this is.  Congrats to anyone who has him because I never even considered him in any draft.

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Doubles home another. I feel almost guilty for owning this guy. 



It's 30 games into the season and Ryan Zimmerman is batting .439 with 13 HR, 34 RBI and slugging .916. (That's slugging pct, not OPS)


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Since March 15th (after an 0/17 start to Spring Training):

43 Games (143 AB): .441/.494/.867 (1.361 OPS)

15 HR
39 RBI

31 of 63 hits have gone for extra bases

15:31 BB:K

Sample size getting larger and larger by the day

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1 hour ago, B&F said:

Unbelievable turnaround.   Congrats to everyone that drafted him.  Hope he stays healthy.

Drafted? More like picked him up and gave him a chance early on. I don't remember the exact %, but it was less than 15% owned in Espn by the time I started this thread. Having said that, and all my love for this guy, I've just traded him for Carrasco in my 12team. 


His stock is at an all time high right now. In my opinion, if you can get a 3rd- 5th rounder today, pull the trigger. His floor remains too low and he has created so much value that is scary to own at this point. At the same time if you can't receive much value for him is better to just enjoy the ride.


All the best for Zimmerman hope he can continue at this pace for the rest of the year, I'm really cheering for him.

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