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4/7 Game Day Thread - Lineups & Weather

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Red Sox 4/7 at DET:

Holt DH,

Pedroia 2B,

Benintendi LF,

Moreland 1B,

Young RF,

Bradley Jr.

CF, Leon C,

Sandoval 3B,

Hernandez SS,


Wright RHP


Mookie still out. Hanley now out. And Bogaerts (mentioned yesterday) on leave. 

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#Tigers 4/7 Lineup 
I Kinsler 2B
N Castellanos 3B
M Cabrera 1B
V Martinez DH
J Upton LF
T Collins RF
J McCann C
J Jones CF
J Iglesias SS



#Pirates 4/7 Lineup 
S Marte CF
J Bell 1B
A McCutchen RF
G Polanco LF
D Freese 3B
F Cervelli C
J Harrison 2B
J Mercer SS
I Nova P

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29 minutes ago, dannyusf said:

Any weather to look out for? We got some early games today. 

Only game to look out for according to Rotowire is ATL vs. Pit.  Even then, they are an early game and it is showing clearing from 2-5 pm there, so they should get it in, even if there are spotty showers.


The rest of the schedule looks clear.

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#Rockies 4/7 Lineup 
C Blackmon CF
D LeMahieu 2B
C Gonzalez RF
N Arenado 3B
T Story SS
M Reynolds 1B
S Cardullo LF
D Garneau C
K Freeland P



Turner SS,

Eaton CF,

Harper RF,

Murphy 2B,

Zimmerman 1B,

Werth LF,

Rendon 3B,

Wieters C,

Scherzer P



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1 hour ago, El Guapo said:

Weather looks bad for ATL @ PIT. Any word from locals on likely game conditions? 


From rotogrinder....


ATL @ PIT – A few snow showers in the forecast for PIT this afternoon. Temps will be above freezing, and I’m not expecting anything heavy, so it’s not as if the snow will make the field unplayable, nothing with stick. The snow, to me, isn’t much of a concern, a few flakes won’t make baseball unplayable… the cold could be the bigger issue. Temps will be above freezing, but feels-like temps will not, as a biting wind will make for some pretty tough outdoor conditions. Winds will be around 15mph sustained, with gusts near 30mph (that wind will be blowing out to center btw). If they decide they want to play in the cold and the wind, there’s no reason this game shouldn’t play. If they decide they don’t want players and fans to deal with that for 3 hours, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t PPD the game WELL ahead of time, it’s not like this forecast is sneaking up on anybody. So, I suppose I’m YELLOW / ORANGE here, but I don’t think the color coding really matters, it’s just a question of what management wants to do, and I think we should find that out long before lock (for the record, they are grown men and professional athletes, so if they don’t play because it’s cold I will forever judge the sport of baseball).

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13 minutes ago, mjb03003 said:
1. Logan Forsythe (R) 2B
2. Franklin Gutierrez (R) LF
3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
4. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
5. Scott Van Slyke (R) 1B
6. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
7. Enrique Hernandez (R) SS
8. Joc Pederson (L) CF
9. Hyun-Jin Ryu (R) P


Big day for Joc - starting against a LHP

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2 minutes ago, VitorSH said:


Puig moving to cleanup after a couple big games


and after Roberts said he wasn't going to move him around and they'd stick with a more consistent lineup

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Just now, Members_Only_76 said:


and after Roberts said he wasn't going to move him around and they'd stick with a more consistent lineup

Getting shut out by Clayton Richard will cause managers to change their mind on things pretty quickly.


Lefties carved up the Dodgers all year last year and Puig is one of the few Dodgers that can hit lefties, so it makes sense.  I think against righties and once you have Seager and AGon back in there, Puig won't be in that spot.


Both sad and stupid to see Seager on the bench today in Colorado...  Seager hit better against lefties last year than Turner did, so if Roberts really wants to get Kike in there, it stinks that it's at Seager's expense. Hope this doesn't become a regular thing if a lefty is on the mound and is just a day off.

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