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4/7 Game Day Thread - Lineups & Weather

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Scherzer hasn't had much trouble. Made quick work all 3 innings. 38 pitches through 3.


Velasquez still hitting 94 despite creeping up on 100 pitches not even through 4 inn yet. 9 strikeouts.

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28 minutes ago, jdbob11 said:

Anyone watching the Nats game?  How did Weiters double on a pitch on the bottom right corner of the zone?

I am looking for a big year out of Weiters. He was my garbage bin catcher this year in one league, and I think he is really set u for success. Hitting well so far.


21 minutes ago, DemOrioles said:

Trea Turner is the worst hitter I've seen so far this season and it's not close.  Worst second round pick ever.  TOTAL bust.

Honestly, I haven't gotten a chance to see him play yet. I already was heading into this year a bit concerned about him with lack of track record. That's not to say I am down on him...there is plenty of others that are struggling right now, and it is just one week. Just makes me a bit uneasy. In reality, lets revisit this at the end of the Month.

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1 minute ago, urban2014 said:

How did Wright look? Thinking of dropping 


He was kind of all over the place.  Shaky with command in the 1st, but escaped with just 1 earned.  Then he completely mowed them down for 5 innings before kind of falling apart in the 7th.

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4 minutes ago, swfcdan said:

Snood's are the future.


I used to watch that show The Snoods on Saturday morning. Little blue guys, lived under water, total rip-off on the Smurfs. 


No wait, that was The Snorks. 


I don't know what a snood is. Sounds like a Dr. Seuss character. 

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