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Ben Roethlisberger 2017 Outlook

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8 hours ago, dakimbell said:

I think its going to be a whole lot of LevBell.. thats the gameplan to beat Jags, Ben will get pummeled back there if he is forced to throw but i see Bell having a monster game and not much going on for anyone else

I think you're spot on, and the Jets absolutely shredded the Jags on the ground last week too. Bell coming off 35 carries, good chance he comes close again. 

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Who's rolling him out there Sunday? Ben's and home and he hasn't put up a 20 spot yet, is this the week? Bell should keep the chains moving and put Ben in a good position to toss a couple in. Hopefully this is the week things click for this offense. I think he's being shy'd away from because of the matchup but I think he has big time potential at home in a potentially get right game.

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14 hours ago, shakennbakee said:

310 1 td and 2 interceptions, I'm rolling with Rivers over him this week.

Difference is, the Chargers can't run block, Gordon has been ineffective as a result, and they are away... (Not that being home makes a difference when 10k home fans show up :wacko:). Fact is, Bell will get his, thus freeing up an open field for Ben in theory- the Jags run D is atrocious and they will have to have 8 in the box more than they would like. I have both QBs so I'm torn but I'm trying to talk myself into Ben at home... 

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5 minutes ago, IslandBoy said:

He looks washed to be honest. Would not be surprised if he retires at the end of the season.


I think its a lock he retires end of season. The big question is does he make it through the season. Dude is killing me in my 2QB league ?

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This is a crappy situation. You start Big Ben every week (or you stream away from his road matchups if you have that luxury) with the goal being to get the 200/250ish-2 games on the road and get what used to be guaranteed explosions of 300+ and 3-5 TDs at home. He clearly does not have that upside this season and it's hard to see why. I do not plan on starting him next week if I can find an acceptable alternative.

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