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Eli Manning 2017 Season Outlook

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12 minutes ago, Sp0ke said:

What do you guys think Eli will do against a Chargers D ?



They can't run the ball so your only chance of scoring is throwing and SD D has been iffy. It's between him and Watson for me as a Brees replacement.


The chance of a 5 point turd from both is somewhat likely which is scary.

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So, this is a fairly intriguing perspective on Manning's season thus far.  As a Deshaun owner without any backup QBs because I was strong as a bull at QB, desperation is evident.  Looking at my options on the waiver wire there are a few intriguing options but I am hopefully optimistic that Manning might potentially be "reborn", if you want to say that.  With fairly solid ground game in place and fairly decent receiving corp (great highs and low lows - averages out) - I feel like this is exactly the type of team Eli thrives with.  Secondly, dude is a second half player, historically. 


Just saying.  He is intriguing but it is mainly because I have to freaking play this chump. RIP Watson

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28 minutes ago, ragrag said:


lol.  cause a rookie QB is gonna fare a lot better behind that OL, with limited weapons.  McAdoo needs to go find something else to do on Sundays.


Wouldn't a move like that just completely lose the team, if that's possible at this point?

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