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Sleepers and players to avoid 2017-2018

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3 hours ago, Rainsford said:

He is finished. He will never be back to his previous form or even close , sadly. At least he got paid.


Teodosic is going too high based on pre season play . He is a good passer but on defense he is a joke on the level of Calderon.


Clippers are at best an average defensive team, so who cares if Teo sucks, the Clippers just need to aim for being a highly efficient scoring team and they can get to 50 wins. 


Teams will play to their strengths and Teodosic being on the floor with DJ & Griffin and Gallinari for open looks just leads to better quality offense which will lead to more wins in the long-run vs. trying to configure their defense by playing Bev more and more on the floor. 


Plus, let's not forget Lakers are in Ball-mania mode. Teo is their answer to the excitement of Ball in winning over the talk of LA.

Teodosic vs. Ball will be an exciting story all year, flashy passing is back!


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8 hours ago, Cbridge617 said:

Whats the deal with parsons?


He's looked worse with each pre season game. Now there is strong talk about him coming off the bench which would tank any chance of fantasy relevancy. 

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2 minutes ago, Trade Monster said:

What's everyone's take on Jason Isaac? Is he draft worthy in a 16 team league?


you meant Jonathan Isaac? lol


Magic will bring him slowly i think, but his talent is too good not to give him 20 mins a game, could be a sneaky 1/1/1 player this year.

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