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DeVante Parker 2017 Outlook

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Just now, JSA2422 said:

This game will be dump offs galore with the 30 yard shot to Parker in the 4th. 

Or maybe just two inept teams not doing much.  I think the defenses, although very bad, are better than the offenses in this one.

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10 minutes ago, Big Nate said:

I keep forgetting about Talib being suspended.  Man I have some real tough decisions in one league who to flex.  Parker could be set up for a fairly big day with Cutler back in the mix.  Maybe the breakout everyone has been waiting for.  Problem is I still don't think I can start him... I need a week to see what he can do, even if that means him blowing up on my bench.  I can't afford another 2.5pt outing.

But Chris Harris will cover Parker right ?

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Just now, SharkSwimmer said:

Silva thinks Chris Harris will stay in the slot and check Jarvis Landry.

daamn.. Then i dont know what to do either... It's tempting af , but it's hard to trust him when he puts those numbers against easier Ds.

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13 minutes ago, P@ckersFan said:

Can't imagine why we'd have this guy rostered; called out by his coach for being soft a few weeks ago, less than 100 total yards his last 3 weeks combined, hasn't scored a TD since week 3, and their offense is terrible. 

Thus the need to stay strong and not get sucked in by the on-paper favorable scenario.

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  • 3 weeks later...

In three of his eleven games played this year, he only managed one catch for less than ten yards.  That's 27% of his starts. 


This from a 6'3", 212 pound, first-round pick starting receiver playing in the era in which pass defense has been outlawed.


That is a staggering statistic.

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No one else is at least sniffing around this trash bin?? 


Expected to play. Likely could return to his 4th quarter garbage time points.


Does Peters guard him???? 


Dolphin fan or chiefs fan input would be great. 

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