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On 9/15/2017 at 3:21 PM, JCD said:



But I asked what Rizzo would be in this situation, positioning himself to field a bunt attempt, and not what the OF would be.




Nobody is a rulebook.

If you don't know the rules, you don't know what you talkin about.

We all know that official scorers '"aren't that smart". Discussing how they do things, won't make bad decisions acceptable.




As far as I know, no rule states that an official position change must be made if another fielder moves over to hold a runner.

Or moves wherever and does whatever.

Within baseball rules of course.

The only relevant rule is that they must be in fair territory, except the cacher, and not allowed to wear a mit, except the catcher and the firstbaseman.

Do not think it has anything to do with holding a runner, SS hold runners at 2B all the time and are not the 2B, matter of fact in most baseball levels, its the SS and 2B job to keep that runner honest usually depends on the batter and their tendencies as to which of them have more responsibilities.  I coach a lot of baseball where we do position changes quite frequently and really the only things that the ump wants us to actually notify them about are when the pitcher changes or any substitutions that alter the batting order its also not about recording outs at bases, again at 2B both the SS and 2B do that and even at 1B, the 2B and Pitcher both do that. 


If you take the traditional 1b Charge bunt coverage, used pretty much by every major league team, in that scenario the 1B charges the bunt, the 2B covers 1B, if you have runners at 1B and 2B which is generally when you charge the 1B because the 3B holds and the P covers the 3B side in that scenario its also the 2B who will record the out at 1B, its also their resposnibility because the 1B creeps way in to be the "hold" if you will to keep the runner at 1B honest so they are not backpicked with the 2B covering 1B pitchout backpick from C. 


That bunt coverage with responsibilities of recording outs at 1B and keeping that runner close have been around a long time.  

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