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Jacob Barnes 2017 Outlook


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You guys might have heard me talk about him all season in the middle relief thread.


I think he's a future superstud RP, live fastball usually 95-97. Sliders/cutters in the low 90s with late movement. 


Hasn't given up an earned run all season. Dominated the cubbies in their series. 


Just got his first save of the season, and the second of his career.


FG profile entering this year:


Profile: Barnes should have battled Corey Knebel for the closer role in Milwaukee this spring training. And while Knebel is probably the better pitcher and should have been the favorite to land the job, Barnes does some things well that deserve mention. The first is that he commands the ball relatively well. His 5.7% walk rate would have ranked well within that of the top-30 relievers if he had the innings to qualify. He also induces a ton of whiffs. His 14.8% swinging-strike rate would have made the cut as well. Barnes' fastball averages just under 95 mph, and he complements it with a hard slider that both induces a ton of whiffs and ground balls. When hitters offer at his slider, they whiff more than 50% of the time, and when they manage to put the ball in play, it ends up on the ground nearly 60% of the time. In other words, it's a truly-elite pitch. Now, Barnes' excellent walk rates came in just over a 26-inning sample, and looking at his minor league track record, no one would blame you for thinking he pitched a little above his head in 2016. But Knebel's struggles with command are worse. With the signing of Neftali Feliz, Barnes and Knebel will battle it out for the odd save scraps that Feliz leaves them, and Barnes could very well be first in line if Knebel's control issues continue. (Rylan Edwards)

The Quick Opinion: Barnes' fastball and elite slider combination put him on the short list of candidates to possibly close out games at some point during the season.
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