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Chih-wei Hu 2017 Outlook


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Just got called up from AAA


I watched him in the Future's game last year and was really impressed. He made Dom Brown look silly with his palm ball. Baseball prospectus, Keith law, and many other baseball writers also were impressed.


I commented about Hu in the Future's game thread. 


Anyways, Hu is not a hype prospect but I think he is likely to eventually be relevant. Not really sure if they plan to use him out of the bullpen or start him. I think long term he is projected to start.


Probably a guy to keep on the radar in most leagues. Deep leagues, maybe worth a spec.

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There's a chance this is one of those frustrating cup of coffee moves. He might pitch out the pen then get sent down, with Odorizzi coming back. I hope he sticks, though.

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