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Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

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27 minutes ago, tonycpsu said:

Juuuust missed #19 by a foot or two on a pitch in on his hands.  Had to settle for a double and RBI #41 instead.


If you're going to bust him inside, you're bascially going to have to throw at him.

You're telling me he actually has hits that don't leave the ballpark?

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Man, I have tried and tried to trade for this guy in my leagues, but everyone is holding tight. And I can't blame them a bit.


Late to the Bellinger parade and now I'm feeling the pain.


Love this guy:  he's got the prettiest swing since Griffey Jr.

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Absolutely crushed. 


I feel like if anything is hung or a mistake is made, you'll be finding it in the bleachers soon after. He has holes for sure but if the pitcher doesn't execute perfectly he's punishing them.

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Tied for 2nd among 1B with 20 HR, but the guys he's tied with have ~15 games and ~50 PA on him.  And the average is up to .265, so it's not like he's totally killing you there, either.


Just a shame Wheeler's not going to last long in this one.  He's been serving up some spicy meatballs tonight.

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Say hello to your league leader in HR among 1B (tied with LoMo) but with a better average and four steals.


All in only 51 games.


We are all witnesses.

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