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Evan Engram 2017 Season Outlook


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13 minutes ago, CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast said:


Cherry picking is fun. 2nd most receptions to TE in the league last year ... feel free to post Jordan Reed's game logs vs the Cowboys too


And when was the last time Jaylon Smith played an entire football game?



Every video I've seen of Jaylon Smith this offseason looks like he's running in sand. Absolutely not a reason to bench Engram. There might be other reasons, but it's 100% not Jaylon Smith LMAO

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1 minute ago, TennisMenace said:


This does make us think. Anybody who likes John Belushi can't be that bad. Lol


i think I will go with Ertz and watch EE closely. 


I like Ertz a ton today.  I'm starting him in multiple DFS lineups

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I've been pretty critical of Evan Engram due to worries over target share (love the talent), but I am starting him tonight over Hunter Henry. Without Odell, I think he'll get a few extra chances for big plays. 


I'll probably look to sell if he was a big game, although I'd imagine most potential buyers are savvy enough to factor in Odell's absence (and small sample size) into price. 

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