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Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

TX Babe Ruth

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4 hours ago, jbshaw said:

15 is possible, but I'm honestly expecting something like 220, 1/2, or 11ish points passing. So he needs a big rushing play to have an okay day, and I'm not sure how likely that is. If he'd my only qb, I'm not bending over backwards to pick up a one week fill in. But I wouldn't start him in daily, or if I had 2 decent qbs. I'm Not starting Mccown, but Cam, Stafford, or Dalton? Think I'd go those directions (off top of head don't remember lions match-up)

I mean he's averaging over 30 yards rushing per game so tack on those extra points and it's not a bad outting at all.  He doesn't need to get a 40 yard rush he'll do it it at least 4 times. 

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6 minutes ago, Bravesfan155 said:

I think i'm going to play it safe and bench him too. This is the first real defense he's faced, first road game in 3 weeks, and with all the team drama. Seems like a recipe for a poor week.

Biggest mistake of the week


playing it safe doesn’t get W.  Especially benching Deshaun who is Gona tear them up

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1 minute ago, konstao said:




sell hiiiigh

trade him for gore..

this is unsustainable

he just played against bad Ds

Started Watson...I like him. I dropped Henry right in front of derekhenryscleats as a display of forum dominance

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Great game by Watson. I now the Watson believers are going to have a field day with this :P And the ones who benched him are sick to their stomachs lol I benched him for Wilson, so I'm perfectly happy. But it's nice to see Watson once again prove people who doubted him wrong. It's awesome to know I have a legit stud in my lineup.


And if he goes off on the Jax? Boy oh boy will  this thread be crazy lol

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I played Ryan over him today, and I'm sure lots of people sat him and took the wait-and-see approach in matchups like this. It was a learning experience for what we can expect in Weeks 12 and 15 at Baltimore and at Jacksonville though. I feel good about starting him moving forward in all but maybe, MAYBE against the Jags.

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